Sunday, March 25, 2007

Wayne in Reno...

No, not Wayne Newton...Wayne Brady! If you haven't heard of Wayne Brady, you're missing out. If you haven't seen him live, you're missing out even more. He's the very talented improv comedian/singer that is probably best known for his role on ABC's television show Whose Line Is It Anyway? and for his daytime talkshow The Wayne Brady Show. Nate and I saw him about 3 years ago in Vegas and we couldn't stop laughing throughout his entire show. When we heard he was going to be at the Silver Legacy in Reno this weekend, we decided to drive up there and see him again. Basically, his show is much like Whose Line in that the audience provides topics or random words and he will then use those to make up totally unique skits or songs that will have you laughing continuously. He really is an amazingly talented person.
Here are some pictures and video from our weekend...

Nate LOVES his ice cream!

How is he not 500 pounds?!

Wayne making up a song to one of NSync's hits

Another good one..."My Monkey Made Me Do It"

Hanging out in the lounge...


Monday, March 05, 2007

Home Decorating 101

This weekend we finally put up my drapes in the dining room. It actually went very smoothly... probably because this is the fourth set of drapes we've hung now. Amazingly, it looks level even though the ceiling and the door frame were slightly unlevel in opposite directions!