Monday, December 13, 2010

Memo to 'Limb Buds' - 13 weeks (prenatal)

Yes, this is what we call you right now. We first found out about you at 6 weeks...the week you were growing your limb buds and the name has stuck ever since. We don't know if you're a girl or a boy yet so I hope we are not traumatizing you already with this name. Your dad saw you for the first time today on ultrasound. You've come a long way, baby. The first time I saw you was at 6 weeks and you were merely 0.72cm crown to rump. Today, you measured in at 8.3cm. Not bad considering you were 2.18cm just a month ago. Please don't hurt me when you come out! So far, you've changed my eating habits substantially. I currently have an aversion to eating food at home. I prefer fast food or restaurant food. This makes for many stops on the way home from work to Taco Bell, Jack In The Box, chinese food, etc. I hope I will grow out of this soon!

6 weeks 0 days - 0.72cm

8 week 6 days - 2.18cm

13 weeks 0 days - 8.3cm

Your alien picture