Sunday, February 27, 2011

More shots with the new camera...

"I used to have more room up here."

"I think I hear Limb Buds."

Hot dogs are delicious!

Mighty dog!


Since I can't sleep on my stomach anymore, I'm enjoying my new discovery...the Snoogle. The best pillow ever. And...Gracie thinks it's the perfect place for a good bone chew.


Thursday, February 24, 2011

Memo to Limb Buds - 23 1/2 weeks (prenatal)

Today we went back to see the perinatologist for another ultrasound to look at your space cord. He said your cord looks fine now...yay! He also said my tummy looks a Vanity Fair tummy. Suweet. Hope it stays that way!

Monday, February 21, 2011

Memo to Limb Buds - 23 weeks (prenatal)

You're ready for your first episode of 'Cribs'! Yes, I'm sure that show will still be around when you're old enough to read this. After the second attempt to get your furniture delivered, your crib and dresser are finally here. Another delightful experience dealing with delivery people. They were originally supposed to deliver on Saturday between 10am and 2pm. They were so kind to call at 1pm with multiple excuses of 'my partner called in sick' and 'it's raining too much and my truck doesn't have a cover on it'. Okeee...what kind of delivery person only works when it's not raining? Oh, and thanks for waiting 3 hours to call and say you weren't coming. was rescheduled to today between 10am and 12pm. We joked that it was a 50/50 chance that they would show up between these times. Not so funny at 11:55am when they still weren't here. So I called and was told by a dispatcher that the driver's wife was sick (I dun care), he was running behind (dun care) and wouldn't be here for another 1.5 hours (care!). They FINALLY showed up at 1:30pm. The two guys who are about 50 years with a huge beer belly who almost had a heart attack carrying the crib box up the stairs. When they got to the front door with the dresser, they wanted to take it out of the box saying there was no way they could get it up the stairs in the box. He proceeded to tell me that when they deliver, they usually don't even take the furniture up the stairs. To which I thought, "Whaaaa?? I seriously doubt it, you lazy man. I could have rented a truck for less money than Babies R Us charged me to have this delivered." Your dad's response was, "Well, you're not taking it out of the box, so you better just start moving it." They were uber-retahded and couldn't do it themselves so your dad had to do most of the work! Super lame. Finally, they made it up to your room. And as they were leaving, this is what we overheard Fatty McFatstein saying, "Wow, this is the hardest delivery I've ever had to do." Hey buddy, why don't you try delivering a child.

Maybe we'll leave the diploma on the wall to emphasize the importance of higher pressure :-)