Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Gracie's Day at the Dog Park

We took Gracie to Point Isabel dog park on Sunday. This was our second time there. The week before the weather was great, probably in the high 80s and all the big dogs were playing fetch in the bay. What a sight! This time it was a little colder but we had fun walking around. Gracie loves to take in ALL the smells! She was so exhausted when we got home that she couldn't keep her eyes open.


Big girl off the leash

Save me!


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Monday, April 20, 2009

Monday, April 13, 2009

Gracie's Amazing Weenie Race

Last weekend was Gracie's weenie race at Golden Gate Fields. We had a blast. Although, Gracie didn't quite make it out of the gate as planned. Unfortunately, the gate didn't open properly because the lady next to me was standing under the lever. The gate opened just enough for little Gracie to wedge her little weenie bod underneath. When she finally got out she got so confused and just ran around back to me. Oh well. We'll try again next year! It was still fun to see all those weenie dogs walking around.

I guess it's never good to be in the first heat. That's where they work out the kinks.

Gracie before her race. She's in the zone.

Keep an eye on the lady to my left.

Gracie sees Nate on the other end with her chewy stick and she's ready to go!

Still in the zone.

She's got her eye on the prize.

Check out the bar hitting the lady in the back! Gracie can't get out of the gate!

She's finally free!

Weenie dog chaos.

Enjoying the horse races.