Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Tony Romo was at my mother-in-laws house!

Check it out...we were watching The Biggest Loser tonight with special guest, Tony Romo. Tony goes running with the Biggest Losers and look where they are! Right in front of Nate's mom's house!
Tony Romo and the Biggest Losers

Nate and I hiking out in front of his mom's house.

Too bad we weren't out there on the same day. That would have been suweet!

Conan and Colorado!

This weekend we travelled to Colorado to see Conan O'Brien's "Legally Prohibited From Being Funny On Television Tour". Why Colorado, you may ask. Well, we tried to get tickets for San Francisco, then Sacramento, but they quickly sold out. So, since we've never been to Colorado, we decided to see the show there. We stayed in Denver and booked our hotel through Priceline (my new favorite way to book hotels and rental cars). I bid on a room and got a 3.5 star hotel for $50 per night. Thanks William Shatner! We were amazed at how clean Denver was and what little traffic and people walking around the city there was. My only complaint...the air was so dry it made my nose hurt. The Conan show was in Boulder so we spent much of Sunday there just walking around enjoying the city.

We are here.

The rental car came with an ice scraper. You don't see that in California.

Not bad for $50 a night!

The picture over the toilet says "All the women moaning about finding husbands have obviously never had one!"

The lobby bathroom of our hotel.

Each floor of the hotel had a different theme. We were on the 'chick flick' floor :-)

The 13th floor...the horror movie floor. I'm glad we weren't on that one!


The dirty dancing floor?

The sports floor. An actual Sports Illustrated cover from 1955 featuring dachshunds!

Question: What does Nate love more than pillows?

Answer: Burritos!

These burritos were seriously good!

Chasing the geese...Gracie-style.

Paddle boating.

Getting buzzed by the geese!

Boulder, Colorado

Conan O'Brien



Sometimes Gracie tears her stuffed animals apart and we have to discipline her. At least she listens intently while we lecture her...


Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Trip to Southern California

In March we flew down to L.A. to visit family and spend a couple days at Universal Studios. We even got season passes for Universal for about $70. Guess we'll be going back there a couple more times this year!

At the Gene Autry Museum

Panning for gold

Gracie Films!

Always the jokester

My worst fear!

Norman Bates and The Bates Motel!

We climbed all the stairs at Universal...

...multiple times!

Hanging out in Hollywood...pre-Oscars

The original Bob's Big Boy


Nate picking up poopies at the dog park

Nate, Megan, and Shelly at 3rd Street Promenade

Santa Monica

Enjoying some Pink Berry in the cold weather

Stopping to smell the flowers

Griffith Observatory

What a great picture...notice the depth of field.

Action shot