Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Put Me In Coach

Gracie and I helped the Chargers defeat the Patriots on Sunday. What a great game...a massacre...just the way we like it.

Gracie likes to be right in the action.

It's looking good at halftime.


Monday, October 13, 2008

The Fallen Heroes

We salute those of you who entered into battle bravely. You didn't know what lay ahead or what challenges you would face. You never expected to come across someone so motivated in their endeavors to take down the opposition. We mourn the loss of you and hope that your replacements will be able to stand tough and make you proud.

In memoriam...

Kong Ultra...You claimed to be tough and indestructible, able to withstand the strongest of chewers. You were no match for little Gracie. You last only a couple minutes and then you had a bite taken out of you.

Orka...You claimed that you could entertain the power chewer but your qualifications also fell short. You too lasted only a couple minutes before part of you ended up in the belly of your most feared enemy.

Clifford The Red Dog...We had high hopes for you. You came prepared with your rope armor protecting your mid-section. However, when we realized you left your tail exposed we knew you wouldn't be with us for long. Time in battle: 10 minutes.

The Lion...We thought you were cute so we gave you a chance. We should have known that you would never survive. It wasn't long before the razor sharp teeth pierced your back.

The Weenie Dog...We tried you out because you were free with a coupon. You lost your foot within a few short minutes. We thought she would have had more compassion for you since you are both weenie dogs. However, she couldn't stand your incessant squeaking and she had to put an end to it.

Resistance is futile. Bring on the next victims.

Thursday, October 09, 2008

Amazing Gracie

Gracie turned her cone into a belt the first day we had to leave her alone to go to work. I don't even know how she was able to do that. Needless to say, she no longer has to wear her cone when we're gone.


Monday, October 06, 2008

Gracie's big adventure

Gracie had her first sleepover on Friday. Unfortunately, it was after her 'surgery' and it was at the vet. She was a brave little girl and now she gets to wear a cone for the next two weeks. She's been so good and she doesn't really try to bite her stitches so we've been taking the cone off her when we're home. She's thankful for that because it's very hard for her to wear a big cone when her weener bod is only a couple inches off the ground! She's been a little angel and even takes her anti-inflammatory medication gladly.

Just home from her sleepover at the vet.

The patient resting comfortably in bed.

Please take this ridiculous thing off me.


Chargers, Cal, and Tosh

Last weekend was jam packed with fun. On Saturday, we went to the Cal game and watched them beat down Colorado State. That evening we went to see a hilarious comedian, Daniel Tosh, at the Palace of Fine Arts. Then on Sunday, it was even more football with the Chargers making a comeback to pull off a win against the Raiders. Go Chargers! We'll see you again in London later this month!

Cal versus Colorado State

San Diego Chargers versus Oakland Raiders

These Raider fans are crazy!

San Diego...still scoreless in the 2nd quarter

Nate Kaeding missed a kick...he's not happy.

Chargers have only 3 points with 5 minutes left in the 3rd quarter!

The score is starting to look better.

San Diego takes the lead!

Chargers win!

Only in Oakland would you need to hand this out.

A clip of Daniel Tosh...