Sunday, September 26, 2010

More celebrity sightings...

Before we left on our Alaskan vacation, we went into SF to see comedian Craig Ferguson (the extremely funny host of The Late Late Show with you know who...Craig Ferguson). It was a hilarious show plus we got the added bonus of seeing 'local comedian' Robin Williams on stage and co-host of Mythbusters, Adam Savage, in the audience.

Adam Savage from 'Mythbusters'

Robin Williams and Craig Ferguson


Saturday, September 25, 2010

We missed the first two weeks of football season!

Argh...well, it was worth it because we did go on a great cruise to Alaska. Our adventures along the way included a stop in Seattle to have lunch with Nate's good friend from high school, Jim, and his family (Amanda and little Sam). Then we completed our long travel day with a train ride up to Vancouver. Big thanks to William Shatner for the great deal on the hotel room. I love bidding on! Here are some highlights from our vacation...


Jim and Nate...they don't look a day over 22!

Highlights of Vancouver...
-Celebrity Sighting: Joshua Jackson (aka Pacey from Dawson's Creek, or more recently, Peter from Fringe)
-Kiapalano Suspension Bridge
-Going whale watching and not getting eaten by sharks (hey, we're all afraid of something...ahem...heights)

Hyatt Regency Vancouver

Curling?? Really??

Pacey from Dawson's Creek

The water was cold!

Please...scramble your dogs poopies in a frying pan after you pick them up.

Oh, Canada.

Someone likes burritos!

Kiapalano Suspension Bridge

Nate doesn't like heights. He said he would meet me on the other side and took off. I took my time hanging out on the bridge.

Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom has nothing on this!

Thinking we were early for our tour we decided to take some pictures. We realized later that we were supposed to meet at the office to get our survival suits. Ooops.

Got them!

Since we were the last ones to put on our suits, we couldn't sit together.

Killer whales!

Lookin good, Mr. Kotter.

I felt like I was getting on the space shuttle.

We survived!

Grouse mountain

Because somebody (Nate) didn't want to ride up on the ski lift, we hiked to the top of this mountain. Oh well, it was good exercise!

He'd rather face a bear than a treacherous ski lift!

It's not even that high.

Meet you at the bottom, Nate.

This is just how Gracie chews her bone...but hers is plastic and his is from a moose!

Highlights of Alaska...
-People watching the perpetual 'cruisers' and how they really get their money's the buffet!
-Juneau: Our canoe trip to Mendenhall Glacier was cancelled due to high winds but our replacement excursion, river rafting, was super fun. Plus, we got to wear survival suits again. Bonus.
-Glacier Bay: An absolutely amazing place! Check out the video (down below) to see how awesome these glaciers are.
-Sitka: Riding an ocean raft and seeing otters, porpoises, and bald eagles...and...still not getting eaten by sharks. Contrary to what Nate tried to tell me, there are sharks in Alaska...I Google'd it.
-Ketchikan: Taking a float plane through the mountains and landing on a lake in the middle of nowhere.

Holland America M/S Zaandam. You can imagine all the dam and Van Damme jokes we made during the week.

Not so shocking for an Alaskan cruise, but still a funny picture.

Uhhhh...awesome! Haha.

We worked out 3 times during the week. You can tell by this picture how many other people did the same.

In honor of the Olson twins, "How rude!"

Iceberg, right ahead!

The perfect T-shirt, "I'm on a boat"!

Optical illusion...the glacier behind us is actually way taller than our 9 story ship.

Survival suits again...suweet.

I'm getting used to these.


The Alaskan volcano...Mount Edgecumbe.

Otters are sooo cute!

4x4'ing up to the volcano.

I almost hit a couple trees...on the passenger side. Good thing Nate had his helmet on.

Nate's excited. I'm skeptical about planes that take off and land on water.

Does anyone else think this mountain is way too close? Looks like a scene from "Alive".

We landed in the middle of nowhere and it was awesome.

Our pilot.

Don't be embarassed...even veteran air travelers get sick.

The cruise boats were by far the biggest things in Ketchikan.

What the deuce?


Welcome back to Canada!

Highlight of Seattle Airport...

Stedman...Oprah's boyfriend!

Fantasy Football scores so far...
Megan: 213.52
Nate: 190.48