Saturday, May 16, 2009

happy mommy day

my name is gracie and i am one year old and this is my first year with my mommy so i made her a very special kard for mommy day. she and my daddy are my bestestest peeple friendz and they take care of me very well. for the special mommy day i let my mommy walk me and pet me and pick up my poopie and i even got my mommy a card but i forgut to get it in the mail on time because sumtimes i get so excited when the mailman comes that i forgut what i was going to do so my card arrived late but my mommy still loved my card becauze she loves me a whole bunch.


Friday, May 08, 2009

Weekend in Reno

Last weekend we dropped Gracie off in Sacramento for a fabulous weekend with her cousin, Ginger (the yellow lab), and we continued on our way to Reno. We saw Daniel Tosh, a great comedian, at the Silver Legacy. He never disappoints. We also enjoyed the crazy Reno buffets and, of course, people watching. We just happen to be there the same weekend as a bowling convention so you can imagine all the interesting people we saw walking around!

Daniel Tosh

Mmmm...Chinese stir fry (above), tacos and crab (below). You gotta love buffets!

Let's just say...most people we saw would not fit in here!


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Depeche Mode

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