Monday, June 21, 2010

Fun on the bay...

This year for our second anniversary, we kept with the 'boat' idea of our wedding, and took a bay cruise on the catamaran, Adventure Cat.
I was planning on wearing just a sweatshirt and jeans. Thank goodness Nate forced me to bring a huge jacket and wear leggings under my jeans cause it was wiiiin-day out there! We had a great time and sat on the outside of the boat for the whole cruise while most everybody else sat inside...boringgggg. I guess they are not adventurous cats like us.
After the boat ride, we toured the Jeremiah O'Brien which was one of the WWII ships!

Did I mention I'm deathly afraid of sharks!

What a great view!

Nice hair!

Playing with the guns.

This ship was HUGE.

Nate needs to put this on his door at work.


Friday, June 04, 2010

Fun with the crock pot! it only took about 5 years but we finally started using our crockpot! It's amazing and I love it.

Our first experiment was broccoli beef. Yes, it did take us about 30 minutes in the grocery store, a smartphone, and a call to Nate's mom to figure out the difference between beef consomme and beef broth but it all worked out in the end. It turned out fabulously and I had leftovers for the whole week at work. My asian coworkers (which means 'all my coworkers') were very impressed!

Smells good!

Hope it tastes good!

Looks just like a restaurant...but healthier!

Next up...chicken tacos! Mmmmmm!!!! This was super easy. Throw the chicken in the pot, cover it with salsa, and let is cook. We made way too much but it was super good. I think I like it more than the broccoli beef.