Sunday, March 13, 2011

What lies beneath!

Michelle Pfeiffer?

Today Nate noticed that one of the bathroom sinks was draining slow so he decided to plunge it. It worked so well that he also decided to plunge the shower sink. Little did he know it would open up a can of worms...and a giant hair monster...and a rusty nail.

Uh...this is what he was able to get out of the drain.

Notice the rust nail (courtesy of Pulte Homes)

Surprisingly...the shower had been draining fine even with this hair monster growing in the pipe for so long. However, after this was taken out and he kept plunging away it completely stopped up. Could there be another giant hair monster lodged way down there now so nothing could pass? I said no way and blamed it on Pulte and the fact that they had probably dropped 20 more nails down there while building the house. Nothing else could be powerful enough to block the pipe. So we drove to Home Depot and bought a drain snake. It didn't help. What the deuce. We decided to give up and call a 24/7 plumber...whose voicemail said they would be closed on Saturday and reopen at 9am on Sunday. Mmmmkay...what part of 24/7 are they not understanding? We were resigned to the fact that we would have to wait until Sunday to get the pipe unclogged and were debating on whether or not we should try Drano. I thought we should give it a try but didn't really think it would be able to disintegrate all the nails in the pipe. Nate thought we shouldn't try it because it might burn the skin of the plumber when he was trying to fix it the next day. Forget that, plumbers should have gloves. And if they don't think someone's going to try Drano before they call a $400 plumber, they deserve to get their skin burned off, right? So we bought the $6 Drano (which by the way has a money back guarantee if it doesn't unclog the drain...bonus). We let it sit for 30 minutes and voila...we were both shocked...the pipe completely unclogged. So it wasn't a whole bunch of rusty nails after all? It was my giant hair monster spawn that Nate plunged so deep down the pipe and so perfectly lodged it in there that no water was able to pass by. Drano prevails! Although I am sad that we never got to see the giant Gracie-sized ball of hair that was living in that pipe.

This made it all worth it. We don't need a plumber. We already have buttcrack up in here!

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